Premier Goal Pad


With a thin side wall profile and a near flush back, the angled rear shin cradle, allows the pad to be flush with the ice faster.

The Premier goal pad is the standard for today’s goaltenders. The knee cradle is adjustable and the landing gear prevents the knee from shifting out of position and provides the responsiveness and comfort required. Having separate knee and top sections allows for a better contoured fit with a tighter five hole.  The Premier goal pad has less interference when together thus reducing any interference with the pants allowing the goaltender to fit into a taller pad and maximize coverage and protection.

Available in 11″ or 12″ widths with either flat surface or knee rolls.  Made of Jen-Pro or RoboCop clarino with quick release buckles and polypropylene web straps.  Leather straps are also available as are optional custom graphics.  Many colours are available as well as an intermediate 11″ wide version for the aspiring goaltender.

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  • Choice of flat knees or with rolls
  • True free floating or ‘box’ style
  • Leg straps are on either side of the leg channel for stability and easier rotation
  • No break in required
  • Flex points at ankle, bottom knee and top knee
  • Squared toe to accelerate butterfly position
  • Squared top eliminates 5 hole
  • Layered adjustable soft inside knee landing gear
  • Adjustable shin and knee cradle with elasticized strap for better pad rotation
  • Large square outer rolls deflects the hardest of shots away
  • Inside medial roll to help stop shots along ice
  • Thin profile side gusset for better movement
  • Full wrap inside leg and ankle coverage
  • Inside calf pillow for personal comfort
  • Removable thigh boards for increased 5 hole coverage
  • Perpendicular to ice service
  • Professional goal pad can be made to NHL tolerances
  • 12” or 11″ wide, average weight is 6 lbs. each
  • Enhanced graphic design
  • Maximum coverage
  • Please refer to the Mitchell Goal Pad Sizing Chart

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