Custom Graphics – Goalie Pad Covers

Here are some examples of special custom graphics we have made for goalie pad covers.  Each were made with consultation with the client and approved before starting the build.  It can take some time from initial discussion to the start of the process but it is important to have all the proper information before any cutting takes place.

Some take a lot of work like the Garth Snow pad covers and there are others that are clean but unique like the Patriot pad covers.  The Garth Snow pad covers have clarino claws and melting snow while the Coyote is a clarino sewn on top of white transfer material.  The dice pad covers feature the spots cut out showing the background.

Everyone will have their own ideas and concepts of what they are looking for and how they envision it.  Keep in mind sometimes simpler is more effective.

Let us know if you see something of interest or if you have an idea you would like to see.  We would be glad to have a look and provide a quotation.


Pad Covers Patriot 500

Pad Covers Patriot

Pad Covers Garth Snow 500

Pad Covers Garth Snow

Pad Covers Dice 500

Pad Covers Dice

Pad Covers Coyote 500

Pad Covers Coyote

Pad Covers Brodeur 500

Pad Covers Brodeur

Pad Covers Xbox 500

Pad Covers Xbox