Custom Graphics For Goal Equipment

We have produced many different types of graphics in various materials on many different products. From specialized lettering to complex graphics and integrated padding systems we may be able to put in reality what you’ve always dreamed of.

From concept to detailed plans we will be happy to discuss your vision on what you would like to see on your equipment.

Some customers have had very detailed and complex ideas and our experience has shown that usually by breaking it down to a more simpler design that it will produce better results.

Let us know if you see something of interest or if you have an idea you would like to see.

We would be glad to have a look and provide a quotation.

Click each of the photos below to see some examples of our work.

Cobra Pads 180b

Goalie Pad Graphics

Predator Spiderman Gloves 180b

Goalie Glove Graphics

Pad Covers Garth Snow 180b

Pad Covers Graphics