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Floating arm, shoulder blocks and sternum plates dramatically reduce shock transmission thus improving the goaltender’s confidence.

The Predator body armour offers superior protection from the hardest of shots by using Trilam foam in strategic places and HDPE plastic molded parts in the forearm bicep and shoulder areas. Ergonomically designed arms and chest provide a comfortable fit while playing in the toughest of games.

The arm pads have five adjustable straps for a custom fit with a hook and loop clarino wrist strap to help prevent the arms from engaging too far into the gloves. Superior elbow protection is paramount in today’s game and the deep elbow pad prevents any displacement. The Pedator model sports floating arm flares to aid in deflecting those shots that you just get a piece of. Below the elbow pad are poly protectors that nicely slip in the cuffs of your gloves.

The chest pad has slightly larger front blocks to reduce the chance of being struck in between the seams while the bottom section hinges with a front tie down loop and a rear clip allows you to wear it inside or outside your pants. Side rib protectors give added protection and provide a solid wall when the arms are brought in tight against the chest pad for those in tight shots. The inside edge of the shoulder blocks are tapered to allow your mask a smooth transition when looking behind your shoulder. There is a large spine pad with built in kidney protectors that provide unparalleled back protection. The wide 1 ½” horizontal strap is complimented by the 1 ½” elasticized vertical strap that are all adjustable to provide a secure feel.

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  • Superior Pro level protection
  • 420 nylon front covering as well as polyester construction with laminated comfort foam back
  • Laced in adjustable arms
  • Larger HD80 front chest blocks for greater shock dispersion
  • HD80 collar bone, shoulder blocks, floating arms and side elbows
  • HDPE molded forearm and bicep inserts and shoulder caps
  • External breast plate to help protect the sternum
  • Internal breast pad to cushion hard shots
  • Large protective laced in elbow pads locks the arm into proper position
  • Extensive back HD80 spine pad with kidney protectors
  • Elasticized front breast plate, shoulder blocks, floating arms and vertical back harness
  • 1 1/2″ Polypropylene adjustable horizontal back harness
  • 5 elasticized and adjustable arm straps with a clarino wrist strap with hook and loop fasteners for a personal fit
  • Comes in black with blue trim
  • Available in sizes of XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge
  • You can order different size arms with different sized chest protector with different size bib
  • Please refer to the Mitchell Body Armour Sizing Chart

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