Leather Custom Pro’s – History

Mitchell Enterprises Custom Design Equipment – A Brief History

It began in the mid-seventies, making and modifying goal equipment for my personal use. Originally I played out but later found myself playing goal. I credit my father, who was the Director for Wexford Minor Hockey, for getting ME started playing net when he brought home an old set of goal equipment (Cooper gloves and I believe Spalding goal pads), and a felt chest protector to use for road hockey. Of course I was elected to play goal, since I had the equipment, and later being the ‘target’ at our weekly nighttime rental with my friends.

1976 was when I tried out for Clairlea Minor Hockey, made the team and won the Championship. The next year a friend of mine said to try out for his team, which was the Toronto Olympics of the MTHL. I made that team, and we won the championship that year as well. During the season the goal pads I had originally made were getting too small, so I decided to extend them. I did this by adding another knee roll. If I recall correctly, I saw a set of four roll Cooper goal pads and that gave me the idea. See the before and after photos below.

Three Knee Rolls
Four Knee Rolls

Some folks may remember Paul Wilson Sports on Yonge Street in Toronto, later to become SportsFame. There I started to do repairs and modifications for other goaltenders equipment through the store and things evolved from that point on. Fast forward to today and I am bringing back the leather Custom Pro’s that were made back in the late seventies and early eighties. Currently, it is a work in progress, and I hope to have everything this summer to start production.


The Custom Pro goal pad has been completed and is now available. Contact us to go over your personal requirements as this is an highly customizable goal pad.