Custom Pro Goal Pad



Whether you want to go back to your goalie roots or know what it was like to play with leather goal pads back in the ‘early years’, then the Custom Pro’s are the pad for you.

Constructed with leather fronts with felt backing, the Custom Pro’s are a very customizable goal pad. There are various options available with most at no additional charge. Typical pricing is approximately $1800.00 Canadian. For example, the set featured in these photos are a 33” tall, 11” wide pad and pricing on this set would be $1800.00. Weight is 7-1/2 pounds each. Click here to go to the sizing chart.

Options offered are the following:

  • Graphics on the knee rolls: MITCHELL and CUSTOM PRO
  • Stuffing for front leather rolls: 1) Kapoc  or  2) Dacron
  • Outside panel: 1) Brown canvas  or  2) 420 nylon  or  3) Cordura nylon
  • Inside Leg Guards: 1) None  or  2) ½” high density foam encased in 420 nylon  or  3) 3/8”felt
  • Toe ring: 1)  Leather trimmed  or  2)  Felt showing toe
  • Top trim: 1) Leather trimmed  or  2)  Felt showing top
  • Straps: 1) All leather  or  2)  All nylon  or  3)  Mix of nylon and leather
  • Leather strap colour: 1)  Black  or  2)  Brown  or  3)  Burgundy
  • Nylon Strap colour: There are numerous colours available
  • Styling: 1) As original as possible to a particular goalie  or  2)  mix of vintage and updated materials
  • Goal pad width: 1)  11” width  or  2)  12” width
  • Name plate: 1) with custom name plate  or  2)  no name plate