Goal Pads

Learn more about our various lines of customized goal pads:

Premier Goal Pads

Premier Goalie Pad FrontPremier Int. Goalie PadGoal pads today have changed considerably from even ten years ago. The Premier Goal Pad is the standard for today’s goaltenders. With a thin side wall profile and a near flush back, the angled rear shin cradle allows the pad to be flush with the ice faster. The knee cradle is adjustable and the landing gear prevents the knee from shifting out of position and provides the responsiveness and comfort required. Having separate knee and top sections allows for a better contoured fit with a tighter five hole. The Premier Goal Pad has less interference when together thus reducing any binding with your pants allowing the goaltender to fit into a taller pad and maximize coverage and protection. Available in 11″ or 12″ widths with either flat surface or knee rolls. Made of Jen-Pro or RoboCop clarino with quick release buckles and polypropylene web straps. Leather straps are also available as are optional custom graphics. There are many colours to choose from as well as an intermediate 11″ wide version for the aspiring goaltender.

Predator Goal Pads

Predator Boston 300b The Predator Goal Pad is a top level retro Goal Pad. If you’re not comfortable with the new ‘box’ style then the Predator will perform to your expectations. Fully featured, the Predator includes full clarino front, full inside leg guards, unique lower thigh guards, an adjustable knee brace which enhances a butterfly style, outer calf and thigh guards, instep reinforcements, nash knee cradle and our exclusive bottom skate stabilizer system. Special combinations of layered foams and Dacron filled channels will conform to your every move. Available in sizes ranging from 32″ to 38″ and in a 12″ width.

TriFlexX Goal Pads

TriFlexX Goalie Pad 300bThe TriFlexX Goal Pad was first introduced in 1999 at the CSGA show in Montreal to a wide range of intrigue. It was ‘the item’ to see at the show. All the major manufacturers came into the booth as they had not seen anything like it before. The goalies that wear it, swear by it. The unique knee rolls wrap around the goalie’s knee and thigh forming a tight comfortable fit and eliminates break in time. The Y2K graphics enhance the full inside and outer calf guards as well as enhances mobility and skating abilities. Hand lasted and available in 32, 33, 34, 35 & 36″ models in a 12″ width.

Heritage Goal Pads

Heritage Sr Pad 300bHeritage Int Pad 300bThe “Heritage” Goal Pad contains some of the same features as our “PREMIER” pad but at a more affordable price. Clarino fronts with our split shin graphic design, give the “Heritage” pad a quality pro look. Standard features include full inside leg guards, unique lower thigh guards, knee brace for comfort and control, leather and 1″ webbing for straps with quick release buckles and our exclusive full inside knee wrap. Our special combination of different foams gives the “Heritage” pad greater rebound control. Available in senior sizes of 33″, 34″, 35″ and 36″.

The Intermediate Heritage (pictured on the right), comes in an 11” width, available in 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32” sizes. Three shin straps with quick release buckles compliment the single leather boot strap to minimize Goalie Pad restriction when butterflying. Comes with lower thigh guard with inside knee lifts.

Featherlite Goal Pads

Featherlite Front White 300bFeatherlite Back White 300b The “Featherlite” is the lightest and most protective Goal Pad in its class. Weighing at just 1 3/4 pounds each (750 grams standard model), the “Featherlite” can be used immediately with no break-in period required. Because of its light weight one can expect much greater mobility which directly results in better play.

The standard model has 600 polyester front covering and instep with 420 nylon back, 1″ poly web straps with quick release buckles with choice of open or closed toe as well as calf guards for protection and to help prevent pad roll over. A deluxe version (pictured) is also available for leagues or individuals looking for maximum durability. The deluxe version also includes full length inside leg guards as well as a lower thigh guard. Both models are available in limited colours in sizes 20″, 22″, 24″ and 26″.