Body Armour

Predator Body 1 Armour 300b

Predator Body Armour

The Predator body armour offers superior protection from the hardest of shots by using Trilam foam in strategic places and HDPE plastic molded parts in the forearm bicep and shoulder areas.  Floating arm, shoulder blocks and sternum plates dramatically reduce shock transmission thus improving the goaltenders confidence.  Ergonomically designed arms and chest provide a comfortable fit while playing in the toughest of games.

The chest pad has slightly larger front blocks to reduce the chance of being struck in between the seams while the bottom section hinges with a front tie down loop and a rear clip allows you to wear it inside or outside your pants.  Side rib protectors give added protection and provide a solid wall when the arms are brought in tight against the chest pad for those in tight shots.  The inside edge of the shoulder blocks are tapered to allow your mask a smooth transition when looking behind your shoulder.


Premier Body Armour Front 300b

Premier Body Armour

The Premier body armour has been completely redesigned to reflect today’s style of playing goal and incorporates the latest in materials and technology.  The chest pad is covered with a waterproof 420 nylon front and back, with extra thick trilaminated foams on the fronts and sides, for increased protection. Large front shoulder blocks and caps are triple padded for protection and deflecting of shots.

The arms have maximum allowed front floating wings, for blocking pucks and dual padded trilaminated foams, for the side elbows, that allow you to be either left or right handed and still have maximum protection.  The laced in arms and elbow pads, along with a clarino wrist strap allow for a personal fit.



Heritage Body Armour 1 Front 300b

Heritage Body Armour

Designed for senior recreational hockey for the adult or the junior player, the Heritage body armour is constructed of a 210 nylon material covered in 1/4″ air foam for ease of break in and comfort.  The chest protector has a waterproof nylon covering, special trilaminated foam squares for greater shock dispersion and flexibility along with a floating breast plate in behind to cushion against impacts.

Side extensions to the sides of the chest protector add extensive rib protection.  A built in back piece with an adjustable webbing harness provides a personalized fit and contoured poly shields reinforced by 1/4″ low density foam protect the front forearm and bicep areas from high impact shots.




Crown Body Armour Front 300bCrown Body Armour

The Crown body armour is designed for entry level ice or inline hockey.  Many female goalies also consider Crown body armour an excellent choice.  This arm and chest protector combination provides excellent protection in all the key areas without sacrificing performance.  The arms are universal for either left or right hand catch and the outer covering is of a waterproof nylon with anatomically designed forearm and bicep inserts.

Floating arm and side elbow protectors provide maximum coverage and protection with a separate elbow pad built in.  The arms are laced into the chest pad for individual adjustment with a separate floating shoulder cap for improved comfort and mobility.



Featherlite Body Armour Front 300bFeatherlite Body Armour

The Featherlite body armour is great for kids just starting to learn the position.  House leagues and individual goaltenders up to ten years of age will be well suited to the Featherlite. As the name implies it is extremely lightweight but offering protection to the sensitive areas where you need it most.  The built in elbow cap and sewn enclosed arm portal provide a perfect fit to every person.

The chest protector is of HD80 foams and the contoured poly forearm and bicep inserts provide excellent protection and the built in spine pad will give you peace of mind.